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ZEUS ELECTRONICS create a helpful app for comfortable traveling in Italy.

Travel in Italy? Need advice? Can`t decide where to go next? Your own personal guide in your pocket!


Client turned to us with interesting and perspective idea. He wants an app that can help everyone, who come to Italy.

The task was to connect unknown people in different place for giving advice about hotels, restaurant, parking, pizzeria and other places and use on-line map, where you can see this places.


I. Increasing level of touristic service and amount of tourists.

II. Implementing access from social networks, use on-line map with hotels, restaurant, parking, pizzeria and other places, chat with pilgrims, chirons or businesses.

III. Quick access to touristic information. Involving local people for on-line tours through entertainment and historic place.


I. Continuous positive feedback about the app from tourists and even citizen, interesting history about new meetings.

II. On-line map with all information about entertainments places included even a phone number, chat with other people whether they are tourists or citizens.

III. Tourists discover for them much more useful and interesting information from citizen than presented in tourists book.


The project was created and implemented by team of 3 professionals: Project Manager and Software Engineers in 10 months.

Technical stack included:
PHP, Postgre SQL, Zend Framework, Ejabberd, JAXL, Android, Smack, iBeacon.

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