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Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing Framework

Penetration test or "pentest" for breaking sustainability is a method to evaluate computer systems, networks protection or organization measures by simulating directed attack. The main goal of this test is system vulnerabilities identification, which may appear due to the improper configuration, hardware and software errors, and operational deficiencies in the processes and technical means of control. It is a component of information security audit or can be conducted separately.

All kinds of Pentest approaches are following the same process defined above. During the evaluation of the information security aspects, Auditor will simulate the intruder behavior, trying to pass through the defensive mechanisms of the target infrastructure. The penetration test is performed by highly qualified specialists, which respect the ethical principles while conducting the test. Any data about security found during the pentest are passed to system's owner together with potential impact assessment.

Besides, this Auditor is providing a detailed list of recommendations to remediate identified vulnerabilities.

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